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      Neil Road Recreation Center (NRRC) - See Membership and Schedule below
      Rules - Members and all visitors are abided by the RULES of our club
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      Info - INFO including badminton equipment stores, reference material, and detail badminton rules
      Restringing - Restringing can be provided for a small donation to the club
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circle_head  There are 3 types of membership as shown below:
circle_head  Regular Membership
      Anyone can come on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday
      These days are considered open gym.  Gym Fee is required and membership is not required.
      However, the club still have expenditures for the equipments.
      Therefore, your voluntary membership to help pay for these costs will be appreciated.
      Membership:  $5/quarter + Gym Fee
circle_head  Full Membership
      You can come on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
      The club rents the facility on Friday and membership is required for Friday play.
      The Full Membership is limited to 32 on a first-come-first-serve basis.
      Membership: $60/quarter + Gym Fee on Mon, Wed, & Thursday
circle_head  Drop-In Membership
      This is for those who do not want to pay quarterly or when the Full Membership is full.
      Again, the optional membership for Mon, Wed, & Thur is your support for the equipment costs.
      Membership: $1/session (optional) for Mon, Wed, & Thur + Gym Fee
      Membership: $10/session (required) for Friday
Gym Fee at the Neil Road Recreation Center:
      Gym fee is in addition to the membership and paid at the front desk.
      Gym fee is applicable on Mon, Wed, & Thurs, but is not applicable on Friday.
      Gym fee:  $3
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circle_head The Gallop Badminton Club brings together
     badminton enthusiasts in northern Nevada.

Members are players from all levels of expertise
     interested in playing badminton in a friendly

circle_head Click here for the List of the GBC members.

circle_head Neil Road Creation Center (NRRC):
         Mon  (2 courts)         7-9 pm
         Wed (2 courts)    6:45-9 pm
         Thur (2 courts)         6-9 pm
        Mon, Wed, Thur Doodle RSVP
         Friday (4 courts)       6-8 pm (April-May)
         Friday (4 courts)       7-9 pm (June)
         Friday Doodle RSVP
         Upcoming closure: May 28, 2018
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