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      Neil Road Recreation Center (NRRC) - See Membership and Schedule below
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      Info - INFO including badminton equipment stores, reference material, and detail badminton rules
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circle_head  Membership is required for playing at the Neil Road Recreation Center:
      Members shall be 16 years or older, unless accompanied by adults.
      There are 3 types of Memberships as shown below.
      The Regular & Full Memberships are limited to 40 on a first-come-first-serve basis.
circle_head  Regular Membership
      You can come only on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday
      Membership:  $8/quarter + Gym Fee
      Regular Membership for the current period is full.  See below for Drop-In Membership.
circle_head  Full Membership
      You can come on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
      Membership: $60/quarter + Gym Fee on Mon, Wed, & Thursday
      Full Membership for the current period is full.  See below for Drop-In Membership.
circle_head  Drop-In Membership
      This is for those who do not want to pay quarterly or when the Regular & Full Memberships are full.
      Drop-In is not encouraged when membership is full, but if you do come, please note the fee below:
      Membership: $5/session + Gym Fee  for Mon, Wed, & Thur
      Membership: $10/session for Friday
Gym Fee at the Neil Road Recreation Center:
      Gym fee is in addition to the membership and paid at the front desk.
      Gym fee is applicable on Mon, Wed, & Thurs, but is not applicable on Friday.
      Gym fee:  $3
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circle_head The Gallop Badminton Club brings together
     badminton enthusiasts in northern Nevada.

Members are players from all levels of expertise
     interested in playing badminton in a friendly

circle_head Click here for the List of the GBC members.

circle_head Neil Road Creation Center (NRRC):
         Mon  (2 courts)         7-9 pm
         Wed (2 courts)    6:45-9 pm
         Thur (2 courts)         6-9 pm
        Mon, Wed, Thur Doodle RSVP
         Friday (4 courts)       7-9 pm
         Friday Doodle RSVP
         Upcoming closure: None in March
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