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circle_head ASBY, San Jose, CA
circle_head Badminton Alley, Sunnyvale, CA
circle_head Badminton Warehouse
circle_head San Diego Badminton Supply, CA
circle_head Hi-Qua Sports, CA
circle_head HL Badminton, Manhattan Beach, CA

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circle_head Books
      Badminton: Basic Skills & Drills by Roger L. Sweeting and Janet S. Wilson
      Badminton a Celebration by Angela Rippon
      Badminton for Beginners by Ralph Ballou
      Badminton for the College Student by William A. Grice
      Badminton: A Complete Practical Guide by Pat Davis
      Badminton Today by Tarig Wadwood, Karlyn Tan
      Badminton: The Skills of the Game by Peter Roper

circle_head Set Up Net on Victor Stands
      1.  Put D-Ring on upper hook at dumb end.
      2.  Put string over pulley at dumb end.
      3.  Put string over pulley at smart end.
      4.  Wrap string around wheel and lock in place.
      5.  Allow ratchet to hang loose.
      6.  Optional - Tie bottom strings at both ends LOOSELY withou
t any tension.

circle_head Straighten Badminton Net by Binder Clips

circle_head Training Videos
      Teach PE

circle_head Laws of Badminton - Full Version
      Full Version 
      Simplified Version

circle_head Link for Places to Play
      USA Badminton

      Southern California Badmintion Association

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